domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011


How do you feel when you take a plane? Excited? Frightened? Thrilled? I must admit I feel a little anxious, especially when the plane goes through some turbulance, that's why I always pay attention to the flight attendants when they give the safety instructions. However, I know most people never listen to them.
We're going to learn some vocabulary related to flights and planes with the interactive activities below. Then, you can do the gap-filling activity to complete the safety instructions a really witty and funny flight attendant gives to his passengers. Check your answers downloading the Key
Write your comments telling how you feel when you fly or any funny, frightening or curious experience you've had when doing so.

6 comentarios:

  1. This is a flight attendant fun but I don't understand some words.
    My score is only 74% after listening several veces the rap.
    Finally, I filled all the gaps.
    See you.

  2. Alberto Cuena Intermediate30 de abril de 2011, 19:28

    Oh!this listenig is horrible, I have headache right now haha,after four times I have managed to understand almost all the words, finally my score is 88%, but really, I don´t like this flight attendant at all.At least, I have learned some words of vocabulary.See you.

  3. I want to travel in this plane, I understood almost all the words. My score is 74%, but listening several times I filled all the gaps.
    see you

  4. Hi I'm Maria,
    After several times, maybe five or six, I've only get 61%, I'll try it later because this guy speaks really fast for me, don't you?
    So anyway, very very funny. I hope if I found a fligh attendant like this, having a better level of English, on the contrary I won't have a good fly!

  5. Hi,

    My score is 72% but I have had to listen several times. Furthermore I have guessed some words because I hadn't heart correctly.
    For me this listening is quite difficult because he talks very fast and If I hadn't had the transcription I wouldn't have understood this listening.

  6. Although I like so much this rap and I had seen it on TV, it seens me very difficult, my score has been only 50 %. I usually feel a little fear when I must take a plain but with this flight attendant I'd be quite.