domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

What if God was one of us?

An interesting question, isn't it? This is the title of a song by Joan Osborne that really moves me whenever I listen to it but this title also made me think about second conditional sentences (a tendency to see everything from a professional point of view, you know). So I decided to create a gap-fill activity that you can do below. Click the KEY to check your answers.
If you want to get further practice on the pronunciation and use of "would", why don't you try and meet Justin, an Australian student, and Kylie, an American teacher?
First, repeat what Justin says paying attention to the pronunciation of "would".
Then, listen to Kylie's answers to some questions and say the questions. You will listen to them after a few seconds to check if you were right.

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  1. Hi, I'm Elia.
    My first score with the song was 88%, but I tried again and I had 94%. It's impossible for me have more... I don't understand this phase: "If seeing________that"
    See you

  2. 96%!! It is easier than the last one!

  3. Hi, I'm José Antonio, very good song.
    My score is 76%, it's OK for me.

  4. My score is the same as José Antonio, 76%. I'll try to do it again.

  5. I have tried 81%, that is good for my because I'm not good at listening, however I will keep on trying it

  6. Hi everybody!I am Sara and I had to hear it several times to achieve my score 80% since in my opinion, listening a song is dificult because of the singer pronunces in a different way if you compare it when somebody is speaking.
    By the way, it is a good way to practise the listening!
    Good luck for everybody!

  7. I´m desperate,I have listened the song a lot of times and the scor is 65%.Is realy difficult or it was only for me?

  8. Alberto Cuena Intermediate 117 de abril de 2011, 18:00

    I have never listened this song, but I like it, its music is very touching and warm and makes me think about questions that haven´t been answered yet,If really God were one of us...moreover, it is quite appropiate for these days. It´s easier than the last one.My score is 86%!for me it´s ok.
    See you.

  9. My score is 65% and I had to listened it a lot of times.For mi is a little bit difficult.

  10. Hello, i'm jesus, only a 62%, but it is a fantastic song.

  11. Hello, I'm Javier. My score is 88% and I think this is a great song.
    I recommend a web page with lyric when you can find this song:
    See you soon

  12. Hello I´m Pepe Very difficult for me. After an hour trying more an more my score has been 69%
    A question: God is great?
    Good night

  13. Hello. My score is only 69%.It is easier than the last one, but I had some problems to understand a few words (way and maybe) what are repeated several times. See you

  14. Hello,
    I am Ana, my score was 80% , but I have to listen the song several times to understand some words.It is a beautiful song!
    See you,

  15. Hi I'm Manu,
    My first score was 88% and the last one was 94%. I've have problems with the sentence "If seeing________that" like Elia, and with "face" intead of "faced".
    As Javier, I think is easier than Colin Firth listening.

  16. Hi I'm Alejandro Cuesta,

    My first score was 51% but the second time was 91%.

    I have a doubt in the next sentence: "And would you [want] to see?" and I dont understand " if seeing_____ that"

  17. Hi, I'm Maria.
    My score was 88%. Great and very interesting song!

  18. Hi I'm Iñaki.

    My score was 88%, and 94% with my second try.
    See you soon!

  19. 78%. Sure that in the exam I wont listen so good.

  20. Hi, I`ve got 87%, good song!