domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Did you say you needed a "pin" or a "bin"?

Let's face the truth, whether we like it or not being able to recognize and produce English sounds is key to understanding and being understood. 
Some pairs of consonants are pronounced exactly in the same way but for the vibration or non vibration of our vocal cords in their production and, thus, we sometimes find it difficult to tell them apart.
Here you are a couple of interactive activities to get familiar with four of these pairs.
Now listen to Amy Mcdonald's song "This is the life" and try to fill in the gaps with the correct words, which all contain the consonant sounds introduced in the activities above. Click "hint" to get the phonetic transcription of the missing words and here to download the KEY.

8 comentarios:

  1. This is the life.
    I scored only 73 % after several listening.

    I hope to have good luck next Wednesday.

    See you soon,


  2. I like this song a lot but Amy sings very quickly for my hearing, so my punctuation have been 71%.

  3. Hi everybody,
    The activity is really good and at starting I thought it was easy,but I haven´t been able to find firstly 6 words and then 4,so my scor was only 66%. Good luck for the exam.

  4. After several times, I get a 81%. Quite fast for me. I've even use the clues.
    Natalia, I hope you forget this song and this singer for the exam!!!! :-)
    Good luck for everybody !


  5. Hi,

    the singer sings quite fast for me. Firstly, I can't follow the song but after listening several times, about 4 o 5, I have got a score of 73%.
    I hope doing better in the exam!! See you tomorrow!

  6. Alberto Cuena Vilches intermediate 131 de mayo de 2011, 20:09

    It´s a great song. I love the lyrics.Anyway, these kind of singers who sings so quickly are not my cup of tea. I hope the listening is easier tomorrow. Good luck!!

    See you

  7. Alberto Cuena Vilches31 de mayo de 2011, 20:12

    Oh sorry!!, I have forgotten it.My score was 75%.

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